Technology Integration

Technology is a ubiquitous part of children’s lives. It is transparent.

Walk into a classroom. Are there computers and if so, how are they being used? Are they being used at all? Technology has revolutionized the way we think, work, and play.

Technology, when integrated into the curriculum, revolutionizes the learning process. More and more studies show that technology integration in the curriculum improves students’ learning processes and outcomes.

Teachers who recognize computers as problem-solving tools change the way they teach. Use of Technology leads to a more constructivist  approach of teaching & learning.

Technology helps change the student/teacher roles and relationships: students take responsibility for their learning outcomes, while teachers become guides and facilitators.Technology lends itself as the multidimensional tool that assists that process.

There is a growing body of evidence that technology integration positively affects student achievement and academic performance. The Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology (CARET) found that, when used in collaborative learning methods and leadership that is aimed at improving the school through technology planning, technology impacts achievement in content area learning, promotes higher-order thinking and problem solving skills, and prepares students for the workforce.

Technology Tools In Education System:

  • PC’s
  • Educational Softwares like scientifica, Mathematica,Eye-speak
  • E-mail(Electronic Mails)
  • Online Services & Internet
  • Graphics
  • PRS
  • Interactive White boards



“How can technology influence student academic performance?”


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